Best Hearing Aids of 2016 (so far!)

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We’re about halfway through 2016 and already, three major hearing aid manufacturers have produced exciting new products. What’ll happen in the second half of the year?

So far this year, we’re seeing a continued trend of advanced technology in hearing instruments, imbued with excellent features and wireless compatibility.

Here are our picks for the best hearing aids of 2016 – so far!

Starkey Hearing Technologies: Muse – Made for Life

The Muse Made for Life hearing aid builds upon the successes and improves on a number of features of Starkey’s Halo 2 Made for iPhone and Z Series hearing aids. Powered by the Synergy platform, the Muse offers comfort and high-quality sound in noise, improved music listening and speech recognition, and a high-definition audio experience for any environment. This new model processes sounds five times faster than previous Starkey instruments.

Starkey has equipped Muse with the ability to adapt quickly to sound, processing at a high speed between transitions in different environments. To address difficulties with speech recognition, the Muse has features such as Acuity Directionality and Speech Shift. These two features give Muse wearers flexibility in conversation, and the ability to focus on the speakers they want to hear.

With wireless connectivity to SurfLink Mobile 2, the Muse streams phone calls, music and other media directly from the smartphone to the wearer’s ears. Muse is equipped with Starkey’s Multiflex Tinnitus Therapy. Starkey’s Muse is a fully customizable hearing aid, available in completely-in-canal, in-the-canal, in-the-ear, receiver-in-canal, and behind-the-ear styles.

Signia (Siemens): Primax

Signia is the latest brand from Sivantos Group, parent company to the well-known manufacturer Siemens. Recently launched, Signia just introduced the Primax.

The Primax has been clinically proven to reduce listening effort, building on the successes of the micon and binax platforms from Siemens. Primax utilizes the breakthrough binaural hearing technology from its predecessors to provide high-quality, balanced sound that simulates natural hearing.

Primax improves speech recognition with SpeechMaster, singling out the dominant speaker and eliminating background noise. By distinguishing speech from background noise, Primax makes listening to conversations much easier.

Primax relies on three key technologies to provide effortless hearing: noise reduction of background sounds; directionality, which allows wearers to focus on specific speakers; and amplification, to elevate sounds above other sounds in the environment. Primax provides speech clarity in a number of different programs, from the breakfast table to the office to the streetside cafe to the railway station.

Other Primax features include EchoShield, to protect speech in challenging acoustic spaces with high reverberation and TwinPhone to open accessibility for wearers through wireless connectivity. Additionally, Primax offers high definition sound quality for music lovers, with three functions – Live Music, Recorded Music, and Musician (for performers). Primax is available for people who experience single-sided deafness and offers tinnitus therapy.

Oticon: Opn

Oticon has designed the Opn (pronounced “open”) with tenets of their well-known BrainHearing Technology. Features of BrainHearing Technology support the brain’s audiological process, making the listening process more dynamic and rich for wearers of the Opn.

Opn’s Open Sound Navigator gives wearers a full spectrum of sounds in their environment, allowing them the freedom to choose the sounds to focus on. This provides meaningful listening experiences with significant cognitive benefits. Independent studies have found that with Opn, wearers experience 20% less listening effort, which reduces the load on the brain; 20% more capacity to remember, freeing up mental resources; and 30% better speech understanding, without suppressing surrounding sounds.

Opn is powered by Velox, an incredibly fast platform that reduces cognitive stress and frees up the brain to perform other important tasks. As a result, Opn wearers experience less mental fatigue, more energy, sharper focus, and less social isolation.

Opn is also the first hearing to connect to the Internet, through the If This Then That (IFTTT) network. Through this connection, Opn wearers have access to and may control a number of sounds within their daily life – from home security system alarms to gaming systems to email notifications. Opn has wireless compatibility to stream phone calls and music directly to the wearers’ ears. Opn is available in a discreet, mini receiver-in-canal hearing aid style.

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