Understanding the Configurations of Hearing Loss

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Understanding the Configurations of Hearing Loss

If you’ve just had your hearing tested, you may have been introduced to the term “hearing configuration”. A hearing configuration is the term used to describe the information from an audiogram. It explains how well different aspects of your hearing work, and if hearing loss is present, it articulates where your hearing is impaired. When your hearing specialist programs your … Read More

Hearing Loss & Drinking: Is There a Link?

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From happy hour to a wedding celebration, cocktails, beer, and wine are beverages we enjoy in many different settings, for many different occasions. As with many things, drinking in moderation is not a problem, according to the Mayo Clinic. In fact, they say, “Moderate alcohol consumption may provide some health benefits, such as reduce your risk of developing and dying … Read More

Hearing Loss Can Rewire Your Nerve Cells

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When you think of hearing, you probably picture your ears, but the full scope of our hearing health depends on a deeper understanding of how the auditory system operates. For instance, studies over recent years have indicated that health problems like anemia may contribute to hearing loss because of decreased circulation to the hair cells of the inner ear. Researchers … Read More

Sudden Hearing Loss and How it May be Treated

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Suddenly losing your hearing over the course of a few hours seems like something you would hear about in a sci-fi movie, however, the condition is actually very real. Sudden hearing loss – or more scientifically referred to as Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss (SSHL) – is estimated to strike one person per 5,000 each and every year, and most often … Read More

Facebook Improves Services for People with Hearing Loss

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An exciting new update has emerged from the accessibility team at Facebook. Last month, the popular social media site announced that closed captioning will now be available on all Facebook Live streaming videos. This is a very important step in helping to ensure that Facebook is accessible globally and to as many people as possible. Adding closed captioning allows those … Read More

Hearing Loss and Your Relationships

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Hearing loss is one of the most common health problems in the United States. It is a condition that affects at least one third of all people above age 65, with that number almost doubling in the post-75 year old population. In young children, auditory impairment may present as delayed speech. For adults who’ve lived much of their lives with … Read More

Your Loved One’s Voice Could Help Your Hearing Loss

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For 20% of Americans, hearing loss is a part of life. As the third most common medical condition in the US, hearing loss may happen to anyone at any age. Hearing loss tends to be an incredibly isolating condition, due to its adverse effects on our ability to communicate. When left untreated, hearing loss could harm our interpersonal relationships with … Read More

Californian Charity Helping Children with Hearing Loss Attend College

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Every May, the American-Speech-Language Association (ASHA) chooses a theme to celebrate Better Speech and Hearing Month. This year’s theme is “Communication: The Key to Connection.” ASHA, which is involved in providing life-altering treatments, aims to promote awareness of communication disorders. ASHA provides several resources to get the word out about Better Speech and Hearing Month, which are available free of … Read More

Making Emergency Services More Accessible to People with Hearing Loss

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If you experience hearing loss, then you know how isolating and difficult communication can be. Now imagine if your hearing impairment were further challenged in the face of emergency. For many people with more severe degrees of hearing loss or deafness, communication in emergency situations can be near impossible. What can be done to improve emergency services for people with … Read More