Best Hearing Aids for Kids and Teens

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Fidelity Hearing Center - Best Hearing Aids for Kids & Teens

Does your child struggle to hear? Childhood hearing loss is on the rise, but there are many hearing solutions designed specifically for children. Early intervention is crucial to meet learning goals. Delaying even a few months can have a major impact on your child’s social and language development since the brain of a child is rapidly changing and developing. Hearing … Read More

Best Hearing Aids for Active Lifestyles

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Fidelity - Best Hearing Aids for Active Lifestyles

Congratulations! Chances are, if you’ve stumbled across this article you probably already lead or are looking to lead a more active lifestyle. Which means you’ve completed the hard part by getting out there and staying active! Great work! Thanks to recent advances in hearing aid technology, choosing hearing aids that can keep up with you is now the easy part. … Read More

3 Clever Ways to Protect Your Hearing This Summer

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The summer season welcomes some of the best annual events in Cerritos and Los Angeles county – but with these events comes unexpected hearing hazards. It’s important to remember to keep your hearing health in mind even when it comes to summer fun. Without skipping out on the best summer events in southern California, these three clever hearing hacks keep … Read More

Best Hearing Aids of 2016 (so far!)

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We’re about halfway through 2016 and already, three major hearing aid manufacturers have produced exciting new products. What’ll happen in the second half of the year? So far this year, we’re seeing a continued trend of advanced technology in hearing instruments, imbued with excellent features and wireless compatibility. Here are our picks for the best hearing aids of 2016 – … Read More

Tips for Traveling with Hearing Aids

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Moisture can wreak serious damage on the fragile circuits of a hearing aid. If you are expecting wet weather at your destination, bring a waterproof hat to protect it during sudden downpours. If the weather calls for swimming and beach time, pack a small dry box with your swimsuit so your aid is protected from splashes. Make sure you have … Read More

It’s Better Speech & Hearing Month! Learn about Hearing Aids

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wearing hearing aids benefits your life

It’s May, which means it’s Better Speech and Hearing Month! This annual springtime event, designed to raise awareness about communication disorders, is the perfect time for those who experience problems with hearing or understanding to evaluate their needs, meet with an experienced audiologist, and explore treatment options—such as hearing aids—that can greatly improve their quality of life. Hearing loss is … Read More

Introducing the new Signia Primax

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Introducing the Signia Primax

Signia Primax: The Latest (and Greatest) in Hearing Technology The most recent breakthrough designed to improve audial understanding and enjoyment for those with hearing loss is the Signia Primax, a sophisticated, adaptable device which can meet the challenges of living with hearing impairment head on. Created by Sivantos, the maker of Siemens hearing aids, the Primax has been equipped with … Read More

Sports & Your Hearing Health

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Fidelity Hearing - Sports

  Making March Madness… Is it “mad” for our Hearing? March madness is officially upon us. Bars are full of screaming fans rooting for their alma mater or their workplace brackets. College students crowd into stadiums where music blasts and clever chants roar. At Fidelity Hearing, March Madness has gotten us thinking about how noise and sporting events go hand-in-hand, … Read More