Studies on Hearing Loss & Injuries

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Studies on Hearing Loss & Injuries

Dr. David Dekriek

Dr. David Dekriek has been helping the hearing impaired of Los Angeles County to hear better for more than 10 years. Dr. Dekriek earned his Doctor of Audiology at the University of Florida and has been awarded his Board Certification in Audiology. He is also a fellow of the American Academy of Audiology.
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Hearing loss is nowadays a very important problem that is needed to be taken seriously and dealt with. People all over the world are suffering from this problem and many of them are not taking the problem seriously. Mostly, people doubt that if there would be any benefit of getting treatment. It is important to know that there are benefits that you would get from taking treatment for hearing loss. It is important to consult your hearing specialist in the area as soon as you realize that you are suffering from the problem. In this article, the symptoms and treatments that are available for hearing loss are discussed.

Prevalence and symptoms of hearing loss

Hearing loss is a health problem that is gradually increasing and the number of people that are affected by it is increasing also. With the advancement of technology and gadgets hearing loss is increasing. It is important to know the signs that you should look out for. If you need to ask the person to repeat themselves often when you are having a conversation with them then it is a sign that you are experiencing hearing difficulty and you should consult someone. Hearing a buzzing sound in your ear when you are in a silent place is also an indication that there is something wrong with your hearing and you should consult a hearing specialist. Another symptom is when you are in a place that has loud background noise and you are unable to distinguish different types of sound. Hearing loss is a serious threat to your health and you should not take it lightly.


Studies of injuries related to hearing loss

Hearing loss can lead to many different kinds of injuries and there are many reports of such injuries that have happened to people who are suffering from a hearing loss. We as humans have been relying on our sense of hearing to detect danger even if we cannot see them, we can hear them and know about the threat. But a person who has a hearing loss problem cannot hear low sounds and can cause injuries working in the kitchen or someplace which is risky. The people relying on them can also suffer from problems. Babies are reported to be injured that were under the care of a person that has hearing loss as the cry of a baby is very low and they could not hear them.

Hearing loss treatment with hearing aid

Hearing aids are used all over the world as a treatment for hearing loss problems. It has made the lives of millions of people better and those around them. Hearing aids actually do wok and they can bring positive changes in your life. Your hearing specialist will recommend hearing aid if you are suffering from hearing loss. They are mostly used when the damage to your ear is internal and there are damages internally. A hearing aid amplifies the sound for a person so he can hear sounds clearly in his condition. There are now various different kinds of hearing aids that are available with many different kinds of features. Hearing aids keep the hearing of a person suffering from the disease intact and make sure that the conditions stay the same. It has proven to be effective in reducing cognitive decline.

The benefits of treating hearing loss

It is very important to treat hearing loss at its early stage. People that are lucky enough to spot the problems at an early stage and have been wise enough to visit the hearing specialist has been able to get proper treatment. In some cases, the internal parts in an ear are damaged which cannot be treated fully but there are solutions for the person to live a normal life by using technologies like a hearing aid. The hearing specialist might suggest surgery for the treatment of your ear. People all over the world have been benefitted by treatment and it is a common misconception that many have that hearing loss cannot be treated but is in fact the opposite in most cases. There are treatments for hearing loss available that might change your life for the better.