Facebook Improves Services for People with Hearing Loss

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An exciting new update has emerged from the accessibility team at Facebook. Last month, the popular social media site announced that closed captioning will now be available on all Facebook Live streaming videos. This is a very important step in helping to ensure that Facebook is accessible globally and to as many people as possible. Adding closed captioning allows those … Read More

Getting Used to New Hearing Aids

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Fidelity Hearing - Getting Used to New Hearing Aids

Getting a hearing aid is the first step on the path to better hearing health. As with any new technological device, it will take time and patience as you learn how to use it. At first, your brain will have to work hard to remember how to process sounds again. For new hearing aid users, this period of adjustment can … Read More

Rock Musicians Raise Awareness about Noise-Induced Hearing Loss

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Rock Musicians Raise Awareness about Noise-Induced Hearing Loss
Iggy Pop of The Stooges, Peter Townshend of The Who and AC/DC’s Brian Johnson are all names synonymous with rock n’ roll – but they all have something else in common too. They have all spoken publicly about their experiences with hearing loss, and the effects that a lifetime of loud music has had on their ears. By raising awareness, ... Read More

Everyday Noises Could Cause Permanent Hearing Loss

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There’s no denying that life has gotten louder in the last decade. With the advent of new technologies will better sound and longer battery life, people spend more time than ever before listening to music or watching TV on headphones. While younger populations continue to be at risk for permanent hearing loss, did you know that 14% of people, between … Read More

Healthy Eating to Ensure Healthy Hearing

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Common knowledge dictates that what we put in our bodies determines our heath. If one only eats junk food then one isn’t receiving essential nutrition and vitamins to be stay healthy. Proper nutrition helps one be alert, have a strong immune system, maintain weight, boost mood and slow or prevent the development of disease. Nutrition, both good and bad, can … Read More