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At Fidelity Hearing Center, we pride ourselves for the excellent service we provide, but we know that the best measure of our service is the satisfaction of our patients. See what others have said about their experience at our practice, the care we provide and the hearing aids we fit.
hearing aid review
Anna V.
of Cerritos
“Dr. DeKriek was very patient and explained everything.   When I finally decided to get the hearing aids it was amazing. It was like, crisp, and I couldn’t believe how many sounds I was missing. When I left his office, what I remember the most was stepping on leaves, and I heard the leaves crunching under my feet that I had never heard, and the keys …, birds chirping, and it was amazing.  It seems to get better every time I come in and he adjusts it, it’s just getting better and better.  I can’t imagine going on without hearing like I’ve been hearing. These are amazing, and I would recommend them to everybody who has a hearing problem.  Dr. DeKriek took the time as a person to answer my questions and give me a better understanding of my hearing loss. And I’m very happy, and he will continue to be my doctor.”
hearing aid review
Delight M.
of Cerritos
Many years ago, maybe decades, I was without hearing in one ear. And then suddenly, for no apparent reason, my hearing just dropped dramatically, so that without some kind of help, I was virtually stone deaf.  I believe by divine guidance I was directed to Dr. DeKriek.  I was impressed by the physical setup, all his new equipment and his obvious expertise. He fitted me with an aid, and he has, progressively, either improved or replaced the aid I had, so that now I can hold a conversation one on one with people without them having to shout at me. I totally endorse the work of Fidelity Hearing Center and Dr. DeKriek. I don’t believe I would have gotten this kind of service anywhere else. The important part is that he cares about his patients.
hearing aid review
Brenda R.
‍of Cerritos
“I’ve already bragged about you to my regular doctor. I loved the part of your test where I could see my eardrum inside my ear.  The reason I came to see you is that my hearing loss got so tiring for my mother.  I was not picking up her words and what I heard didn’t make sense.  I came here and you fixed me up.  I hear mother better now and she fusses at me when I don’t have my ears in.  Thank you!”

hearing aid review
Rex W.
‍of Cerritos
“I wasn’t hearing high pitched sounds.  I came into Fidelity and Dr. DeKriek tested my hearing. He’s done a great job, and fitted me with some hearing aids. So far it’s been a year now and I’m doing real good with them.  He has been real good about adjusting my hearing aids and taking great care of them for me.
hearing aid review
Earll S.
‍of Cerritos
“Dr. DeKriek at Fidelity Hearing Center is the finest prepared audiologist I have seen since I lost my hearing.  When I got my first hearing aid approximately 3 years ago, I did extensive research and finally purchased a Rexton Digital at Costco for $900.  I now have been so satisfied with my new Destiny from Dr. DeKriek that I am getting another one for the other ear.”
hearing aid review
Mary A.
‍‍of Cerritos
“The service we have gotten has just been perfect. We had been to another place that tried to take us for our life savings.  When we came here, you actually went through the whole thing and it was easy.  It was perfect, you’re a great guy.”
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"I have been wearing hearing aids since I was a little girl.  I have been to many audiologist for over 30+ years.  Dr. DeKriek has to be the most patient and understanding professional I've come across. "
Long Beach, CA
Dr. DeKriek and his staff are truly one of a kind, honesty caring and compassionate about delivering the best service and result possible. I just can't say enough about Fidelity Hearing Center, an oasis in today's fast-paced, uncaring world. Having difficulties hearing? This is your guy.
Garden Grove, CA
"Dr. David was great! He was very professional and explained everything I needed to know regarding my hearing results and my hearing protection."
Miguel A.
Cerritos, CA
My son has mild to moderate hearing loss, and he found a great fit here! The hearing aids had some problems, but Dr. DeKriek was quick to have an appointment with us and help us out. He listens and tries to help you out with whatever he has. Dr. DeKriek also explained thoroughly how we should use and take care of the hearing aids. I would definitely recommend this place. Thank you Dr. DeKriek!
Maggie L.
Cerritos, CA
Never thought I would go into an audiologist appointment and come out very pleased. I came here to get my ear impressions done for my custom mold in ear monitors. Dr. DeKriek knew exactly what to do and gave me great impressions. He explained the process clearly and it was over in minutes. He was even careful to mention instructions for the delivery process to the company. His experience showed and it's easy to see why he was recommended by 1964 ears.
David Y.
Rossmoor, CA
I put off getting new hearing aids for a long time because of the cost. Dr. DeKriek accepts payments, which was very helpful. The technology in hearing aids has increased considerably in the past five years, so my new hearing aids are amazingly tuned to my individual prescription and hearing needs. They are invisible and comfortable. I hardly know that I am wearing them, but I can HEAR! Dr. DeKriek is very professional and will take time with you to address your concerns. I give Dr. De Kriek the highest recommendation.
Marsha D.
Cypress, CA
David J DeKriek, Au.D came to my mother in law's residence to fit her with new hearing aids. He was able to test, fit, recommend and provide the hearing aids all during the first visit... I highly recommend David.
Stephanie W.
Santa Clarita, CA
Dr. DeKriek is extremely nice and patient. He handles my ailing Uncle extremely well when trying to diagnose his hearing issues.
I strongly recommend Fidelity
Sherri E.
Anamheim, CA
"Fidelity Hearing Center is perfect if you are looking to get impressions for in ear monitors. Dr. David DeKriek was very professional and the appointment only took 15 minutes total. I highly recommend coming here to see this audiologist."
Jacob L.
Rancho Palos VerdeS
I had a great experience at Fidelity Hearing. The  appointment scheduling was a breeze and Corie was wonderful to talk to. Dr. DeKriek was very  understanding and new exactly what I wanted. He explained the process in detail and worked with my insurance to make sure everything went smoothly.    I highly recommend Fidelity Hearing.
Madelin K.
Long Beach, CA
I got molds impressions made and the doctor was so nice and informative. He explained the process while going doing it so I would know how it's done. I would go back again for anything ear related.
Victor H.
Redondo Beach, CA
My husband and I went in to Dr. DeKriek's office realizing my husband had hearing loss. The doctor's professional and thorough assessment allowed my husband to purchase the best hearing aids for him.  Dr. DeKriek's explanation of the process was clear and concise.  His office found out that insurance would indeed cover some of the cost. Dr. DeKriek answered all of my husband's questions and made all necessary adjustments to make his hearing aids comfortable and effective. We would recommend him to any of our friends in need of hearing aids.
Lisa R.
Lakewood, CA
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