Custom Earmolds

At Fidelity Hearing Center, we offer custom earmolds and impressions for musicians, swimmers or anyone who requires ear protection on the job. When you visit Dr. Dekriek, he will take the time to create a precise impression of your ear so that your earmold is comfortable and secure.
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Custom Earmolds

Swimmer’s Molds

Whether you are a professional swimmer or have a child with chronic ear infections – custom fit swimmer ear plugs are designed for you. Each piece is custom fit to your unique ear shape so that your ear canal remains as dry as possible. Our swimmers ear molds are available in bright colors and made out of material that floats so that you can easily find them if removed in the pool. You may also get them connected with a nylon string so that your plugs stay connected during your activities.


Musician Earplugs

Custom musician earmolds provide the best protection for musicians without sacrificing sound quality during performances. It is very important for musicians to be able to hear their own voice and instrument as well as the voices and instruments of others in a natural way. Typically musicians require a lower level of hearing protection than store bought ear plugs provide. Dr. DeKriek will do a custom impression of your ear so that your plugs are an exact fit for your unique shape. This ensures comfort and security so you can focus on your music and not your ears.

Patients can expect to wait about 2 1/2 weeks for custom earplugs and musician's plugs.  When musicians want custom impressions to ship to their own laboratory for their monitors, I provide the impressions during the same visit. Impressions for musician's monitors are $50 for the pair and they are guaranteed.


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