Beyond the Hearing Aid: 4 Things to Improve Your Hearing

Beyond the Hearing Aid: 4 Things to Improve Your Hearing

Hearing aids have the power to revolutionize your life. From dinner with friends to a day in the park with the grandchildren, hearing aids give you all the sounds you’ve been missing. Getting fitted for hearing aids is just the first step in better communication and improving relationships. There are a number of hearing aid accessories that will make hearing easier. They provide listening comfort into every area of your life so you can get back to living and stop worrying about hearing.

Hearing aid accessories are not just for technology lovers, but for everyone. They are easy to use and give you advanced options for better hearing. Whether you’re an avid adventurer keeping up with the kids or need better access to music or TV programing, we have the accessories you need to make your hearing aid work for you.

Bluetooth Wireless Transmitters

A must-have accessory for connectivity is a Bluetooth transmitter. Think about a recent phone conversation, or watching your favorite TV show. Even with your hearing aids, the use of a phone may sometimes be difficult. Do you still struggle to catch every word? Sounds travel a long way from the TV speakers to your hearing device before reaching your ear. One simple accessory can change all of that.

A Bluetooth transmitter streams audio from your TV, cell phone, tablet, radio, or any other Bluetooth enabled device, and transmits them right to your hearing aid. Rather than hearing the sound from the speaker, you’re hearing it right in your ear. Connecting directly means that you’ll experience clearer speech and better sound for conversations or shows.

Wireless Microphones

One of the main reasons you’ve invested in hearing aids is to hear and understand speech. Your hearing aids clarify sounds, make high frequency sounds easier to hear, and block background noise. Being able to hear what our friends and loved ones are saying allows us to fully participate in social gatherings and communicate effectively. You’ve been able to reconnect with family, and maintain great quality of life.

Wireless microphones can make connecting even easier. In a noisy environment where it can be tough to understand conversations, place your microphone near the people you want to hear. This sends the sounds you are listening for straight to your hearing aids. It amplifies the sounds you want to hear, making it easy to tune out background noises. Wireless microphones are most helpful in noisy settings like restaurants or auditoriums where background noises can overpower the sounds you want to focus on.

Hearing Aid Remote Control

Your hearing aid is an amazing piece of technology with many different settings and features for every listening environment. As you go through your day, you want an easy way to change features or review settings without fiddling with your hearing aid. A remote control gives you this freedom. Volume control, directionality, and sound settings are all in your hands with an easy-to-use remote. Even if your hearing aid switches between programs automatically, having a little more control means you’ll always have stress-free listening. Remote controls are small, hand-held devices, or even smartphone apps that allow you to use your phone as a remote control.

Rechargeable Batteries

As a hearing aid user, you know how frustrating it can be to change the batteries. They are often small and hard to handle, and seem to need replacing every other day. Maybe you’ve even had dead batteries on your hands and no spares. Hopefully it wasn’t in the middle of a meeting! Rechargeable batteries are the simple solution to losing power. Unlike conventional batteries that can lose charge unexpectedly, rechargeable batteries are guaranteed to last all day. Just place your hearing aids into the charging dock at night, and in the morning enjoy a full day of power. Say goodbye to fiddling with batteries, and enjoy the convenience of rechargeable batteries.

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