A Tiny Hearing Aid Can Make A Huge Difference

A Tiny Hearing Aid Can Make A Huge Difference

For some, hearing loss can be devastating and for others it happens so slowly they don’t realize the effect it’s having on their lives. You might be somewhere in the middle. Your family will probably point out what a problem it is. Trust me, your friends and co-workers have noticed too! What about you? Read on to find out all the ways treating your hearing loss can improve your life dramatically.

Family Life

You’ve probably seen your son’s mouth moving but had no idea what he said, or your daughter calls on the phone and you frantically search for the volume control to hear what she’s saying. Does your spouse complain about how loud the television is? These are all signs of hearing loss. Obviously, you’re not trying to alienate your family, but guess what… When you’re not hearing everything they say and the tone they say it in, your family members find it hard to feel connected to you.


Yeah, yeah, you’re still “killin’ it” at the Tuesday night poker games. We read all about it on Facebook. What about when you’re meeting a buddy for a beer? If you’re experiencing trouble hearing a conversation because of the background noise, you’re missing out. Nobody wants to repeat themselves over and over, and no joke is nearly as funny if it has to be explained. So while you’re still completely tuned-in to the visual clues that your card playing cohorts are bluffing, you are probably missing some hilarious gossip!


Does hearing loss really affect your income/promotion power? Yes! If you are not completely engaging in the round-table meetings, you are not working to your full potential. If you can’t hear your clients on the phone or your secretary rattling off your messages you might not be working as effectively as you used to work. Sure, we all want to soar like an eagle but untreated hearing loss can leave you flocking with the rest of the turkeys. Too harsh? Maybe, but you get the point. If it’s easier to email you than talk to you face-to-face, it may be time to see an Audiologist.

Treating Hearing Loss Can Make You A Happier You

Studies have shown time and time again that depression occurs far more commonly in people who feel isolated. Those who lack trusting connections with others are four times more likely to suffer from depression. Whether your hearing loss is sudden or has occurred gradually over the years, it’s never too late to seek treatment. Enjoy clear conversations, notice the voice inflections you’ve become blind to, get back to being the life of the party!

Health and Safety

No, it’s not the fountain of youth but it might be close. Those with mild to moderate hearing loss are more likely to develop dementia over time. Some studies coming from John Hopkins have even linked hearing loss to the decline of overall cognitive function.

You stand to increase your self confidence, spark greater intimacy, boost your brain power and maybe even earn more money. So what do you have to lose?

If you are experiencing signs of a hearing loss, we invite you to contact our friendly team to schedule a hearing test with Dr. DeKriek. During your appointment, he will thoroughly test your hearing and answer any questions you may have. If your test results show that you do in fact have a hearing loss, Dr. DeKriek will make a professional recommendation for a hearing aid that suits your unique loss and budget.

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David DeKriek, Au.D. has been helping the hearing impaired of Los Angeles County to hear better for more than 20 years. Dr. Dekriek gained experience in a wide range of medical environments before opening Fidelity Hearing Center.

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