Best Hearing Aids for Active Lifestyles

Best Hearing Aids for Active Lifestyles

Congratulations! Chances are, if you’ve stumbled across this article you probably already lead or are looking to lead a more active lifestyle. Which means you’ve completed the hard part by getting out there and staying active! Great work! Thanks to recent advances in hearing aid technology, choosing hearing aids that can keep up with you is now the easy part. Selecting hearing aids with features fit for your lifestyle allow you to worry less about your hearing aids and instead simply enjoy the ride, or the camping trip, or the run, or the swim…

Enjoy this list of three exciting hearing aids currently on the market – perfect for athletes or clients otherwise “on-the-go”.

Phonak Lyric

This hearing aid is at the top of our list because it is – quite possibly – the active person’s dream hearing aid. Once inserted, the Lyric is completely invisible and can we worn for months without ever being removed. This hearing aid can be worn on your run, in your shower, on your camping trip and even in your bed as you sleep. It is not only convenient, but also effective. On a recent survey, 99% of respondents preferred Lyric over other aids, and 95% preferred Lyric sound quality over their previous hearing aids. No more worrying about finding a safe, dry place to keep your hearing aid or ensuring you have enough batteries to last throughout your vacation. Click for more information in the Phonak Lyric.

Siemens Aquaris

Coming in second on our list is the Siemens Aquaris. This hearing aid is currently the only truly waterproof, dustproof and shockproof model available on the market. Based on factory testing, this hearing aid endured 8 hours of continuous water submersion without any seepage or damage. Not only can you take your Aquaris swimming, kayaking or deep sea fishing – you can do so in style. With wireless technology, you can even stream music directly to your Siemens Aquaris hearing aids (even when underwater) – check and check.


Widex brand made our list because of it’s wind suppressant technology. Whether you enjoy walks on the beach, cycling, jogging or hiking – bothersome noises from the wind and the awful feedback wind can cause creates an annoying barrier for hearing aid users. With Widex hearing aids, noise from the wind is a thing of the past. Whatever your environment (ie mountain biking or sailing), Widex hearing aids intuitively amplify the sounds you want to hear, while simultaneously reducing background noise. Visit our Widex info page for more details.

If you’re interested in learning more about these or any of our other exciting hearing aids, or have questions about how hearing aids may fit in with your active lifestyle, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team to set up your hearing exam and consultation. At your hearing exam, your audiologist will work with you to find a hearing aid that works with your hearing profile, hearing needs, lifestyle and preferences. Now you can enjoy your active lifestyle – and hear it too!

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David DeKriek, Au.D. has been helping the hearing impaired of Los Angeles County to hear better for more than 20 years. Dr. Dekriek gained experience in a wide range of medical environments before opening Fidelity Hearing Center.

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