Best Hearing Aids for Kids and Teens

Best Hearing Aids for Kids and Teens

Does your child struggle to hear? Childhood hearing loss is on the rise, but there are many hearing solutions designed specifically for children. Early intervention is crucial to meet learning goals. Delaying even a few months can have a major impact on your child’s social and language development since the brain of a child is rapidly changing and developing.

What Makes Children’s
Hearing Aids Different

Hearing aids made for children stress safety and durability. Battery doors are tamperproof, so curious little fingers can’t open the hearing aids. We know that kids and teens are active, enjoy sports, and play outside in all kinds of weather. Advanced nanotech coatings protect the hearing aids from dirt, sweat, and even rain. The feature your child will be the most excited about is color customization. Pediatric hearing aids come in a wide range of bright colors, so your child can regain control over their hearing in style. Most children are fitted with Behind-the-Ear (BTE) models that are easy to use, while teens may choose a more discreet In-the-Ear (ITE) option.


Oticon Sensei Fidelity Hearing

Fidelity Hearing Center recommends Oticon’s Sensei hearing aids for children. These high quality hearing aids use Oticon’s unique BrainHearing program to provide easy listening whether in the classroom, the park, or at home, supporting the brain in every listening environment. With feedback cancelation, noise management, and directionality, BrainHearing reduces cognitive load so your child can focus on learning about the world around them rather than straining to hear. A feature that ensures your child is hearing everything around them is the EasyRECD program, which analyzes and adjusts settings for worry-free hearing. You can have peace of mind knowing the programs are changing along with your child.

Making sure your child’s hearing aid is properly in place can add stress to your morning routine. SmartFit Trainer takes out all the guesswork. Equipped with an LED indicator, you won’t need to wonder if your child can hear, and inserting the hearing aids will be a breeze.


Siemens Pure Fidelity

Signia offers a wide selection of hearing aids for kids and teens. These include Insio, an ITE hearing aid for teens, Aquaris, a world leader in waterproof technology, and Nitro, a powerful hearing aid for those with severe hearing loss. For teens who want an inconspicuous hearing aid with full connectivity, Signia  created Pure, a tiny hearing aid packed with advanced technology. It can also be fully controlled using the miniTek Remote smartphone app.

Siemens Motion

Motion is Signia/Siemen’s line designed with children in mind. For infants, Motion M and P come in many colors, and have advanced safety features. Motion SX, SA, and PX are for teens, with rechargeable batteries and sleek designs. All Motion hearing aids are designed for the classroom, with a DAI-ready program that easily connects to FM systems, transmitting the teacher’s voice directly to your child’s hearing aids.


Starkey Ignite

Rather than creating a line of hearing aids for children, Starkey has taken a different approach. Their pediatric team has developed child-friendly options for many of their existing hearing aids, such as their Z, 2, Wi, X, and Ignite series. Hearing aids for children are color customizable and extra durable. Starkey’s Dynamic DAI works with all FM systems at home or at school to give your child ultimate connectivity. Starkey provides moisture protection with HydraShield2, which is resistant to water, humidity, sweat, and corrosion. At the leading edge of noise reduction and speech enhancement is Starkey’s Voice iQ2, so your child will have clear hearing in any environment.

If you know your child has hearing loss, getting fitted for hearing aids as soon as possible means they will be able to learn and grow. To ensure that your child isn’t delayed in developing communication skills or struggling in social or academic development, come see us today and take a step for your child’s hearing.

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