Hearing Aid Features that Support the Modern Lifestyle

Hearing Aid Features that Support the Modern Lifestyle

“How have you been?” “Good, but so busy.” You have probably either uttered or heard these words in recent months. Modern life seems to have gotten busier–it’s not uncommon to feel pulled in a million directions, always on the move. If you’re hard of hearing, you may wonder if a hearing aid will be able to keep up with your lifestyle. The answer is that it can, if you choose the right device. There has been much innovation in the hearing aid market in recent years, and the result is a plethora of sleek, user-friendly hearing devices designed to make modern life easier.

Here are 5 features to consider when selecting hearing aids:

  1. Rechargeability: If you wear hearing aids, the last thing you want is to lose power during a meeting-filled workday, a date, or dinner with friends. Fortunately, there are a number of excellent rechargeable hearing aid models to choose from. Market leaders Signia, Phonak, and Starkey all offer high-power lithium-ion rechargeable models, as do many other hearing aid brands. Rather than having to replace the batteries every few days, most of these rechargeable devices are simply placed into a charging system at night. This makes rechargeable aids a great option for people who suffer from dexterity issues and may struggle with having to frequently replace tiny batteries. Other models include cordless portable chargers you can use while out-and-about, and some of the newest models can stay powered up for three full days!
  2. Sleek design: The clunky, visibly-obvious hearing aid is quickly becoming a thing of the past. The newest designs have been made with an eye on aesthetics: they’re sleek, stylish and slim, while still being adaptable enough to keep up with your active lifestyle. If you are someone who wants the latest in high-tech hearing innovation in an attractive, stylish package, you may want to check out the Signia Styletto, available in three modern color combinations.
  3. Natural, precise hearing: If you lead a busy lifestyle, you’ll need a hearing aid that can help you to hear clearly in a number of challenging soundscapes, from noisy restaurants to crowded train platforms. You’ll also want devices that allow your own voice to sound natural to you, and help you to precisely locate where sounds are coming from. Equally as important is a good noise-filtering feature to help you hear the sounds you want, while reducing background noise and feedback. Fortunately, there are many modern hearing devices that offer superb sound processing, including background noise reduction, feedback cancellation, directionality and fine-tuned amplification to help you hear confidently in any environment.
  4. Comfort: The importance of comfort can’t be minimized when selecting devices that you’ll be wearing in your ears all day. Hearing aids are increasingly being designed with user comfort in mind, and are lightweight, flexible, and able to adapt to your ear type. For example, the new Signia Silk hearing aid, which is ready to wear without hearing impressions or molds, has a soft silicone click sleeve that is available in three sizes, allowing it to fit in every size ear canal.
  5. Wireless options: Wearable technology is on the rise, from the Apple watch to wireless headphones. Now hearing aids have joined the club, with many offering the practical option of allowing users to connect wirelessly to their other Bluetooth-enabled devices, such as their TV, car radio, and mobile phone. This means you can alternate between using your hearing aids as your personal earphones, streaming music from your smartphone, and stop to answer a phone call directly to your hearing aids–all without missing a word. And the future of wireless connectivity and hearing aids is only looking brighter. Many hearing aid manufacturers are beginning to include Bluetooth technology in their devices, and as hearing technology becomes more sophisticated there will be even more connectivity options to come.

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If you’re an active person, you may be avoiding having your hearing tested out of a fear that hearing aids will slow you down–but the truth is that untreated hearing loss does just that. There is an abundance of modern hearing aids that can fulfill your hearing needs and keep up with the day-to-day demands of your lifestyle, and our friendly team at Fidelity Hearing Center is happy to help you select the perfect devices. If you are overwhelmed by the number of choices on the market today, let us help by offering our expert guidance. Schedule your comprehensive hearing test today!

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