Hearing Loss and Millenials

Hearing Loss and Millenials

Are you a millennial? Young adults of today often don’t think about their hearing health, and don’t recognize the risks to their hearing. If you’re under the age of 30, you probably think only seniors experience hearing loss, and you have a number of years ahead of you before you’ll have to think about your ears. Sadly, hearing loss is becoming more and more common among younger generations, and millennials are risking their hearing now more than ever before.

Hearing Loss Isn’t Just a Problem for Seniors

Many of us have the misconception that hearing loss only affects seniors. We all have older family members or friends who struggle to hear, and everyone we know who wears a hearing aid is over the age of 60. It’s true that age related hearing loss is very common, and half of all seniors over the age of 75 have hearing loss, but it’s also true that many young people struggle to hear. Noise induced hearing loss is affecting more and more people, and around 60% of those with hearing loss are in work or educational settings. Through lack of awareness, many teens, young adults, and millennials are risking their hearing health every day, and many will experience hearing loss in the next few years.

Young Adults and Hearing Loss

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that 1.1 billion teenagers and young adults are at high risk of developing hearing loss. This is in large part due to unsafe listening practices, and many people spend far too long listening to music at dangerously loud volumes. Most personal listening devices can reach volumes of over 100 decibels (dB), and at that volume, your ears can only listen for a few minutes before feeling the strain of the excessively loud sounds being blasted directly into your ears.

Pretending to Hear

Are you struggling to hear? Have you been ignoring your hearing loss, or pretending you can hear? Maybe you’ve had some embarrassing conversations where you misheard someone, or answered a question inappropriately. Did this make you self-conscious, or make you choose to stay home the next time you got invited out with friends?

Many teens, young adults, and seniors pretend that they can hear, and don’t admit to their hearing loss. They’re worried about what their friends and family will think, and they don’t want to appear old. Ignoring your hearing loss will only make it worse, and no matter how well you pretend, your friends will notice that something’s not right, think you’re being rude, or feel like your friendship isn’t as close as it used to be. Living with untreated hearing loss leads to social isolation, stress, and even depression, as you’re unable to communicate effectively with your loved ones.

Early Treatment is Key

Did you know that it’s more common to get a colonoscopy than a hearing test? Many millennials wait up to 15 years before seeking treatment for their hearing loss! During this time their hearing further deteriorates, they experience social isolation, struggle to connect with loved ones, and risk depression. Hearing loss among millennials also affects job performance, and can jeopardize your financial security for the rest of your life.

If you have hearing loss, regardless of your age, the best thing you can do is treat your hearing loss as early as possible. Not only will you be able to follow conversations with ease, and create and maintain close relationships during these critical formative years, you’ll also give yourself the opportunity to learn and grow, both personally and professionally, and reach your goals. Don’t let hearing loss hold you back from reaching your potential, but chase your dreams with a pair of quality hearing devices.

Fidelity Hearing Center

If you’ve been struggling to hear, call us today at Fidelity Hearing Center to book a hearing test. We’ll determine your level of hearing loss and hearing needs, and tailor a solution to meet your exact needs. Today’s hearing devices come in all shapes and sizes, and if discretion is key, you can even get an invisible hearing aid that sits well within your ear canal. With connectivity features, and full control from your smartphone app, you can have clear hearing without sacrificing any of the things you love, so visit us today!

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David DeKriek, Au.D. has been helping the hearing impaired of Los Angeles County to hear better for more than 20 years. Dr. Dekriek gained experience in a wide range of medical environments before opening Fidelity Hearing Center.

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