How to prepare for a hearing aid fitting

How to prepare for a hearing aid fitting

Hearing loss can occur as a result of a number of things, including the natural process of aging. But it shouldn’t be considered something you should just deal with instead of getting hearing aids. Dr David DeKriek of Fidelity Hearing Center is ready to put you on the path to better hearing. The first thing you should do is schedule a hearing evaluation and we can do the painless test to determine if you do have hearing loss.

The good news is hearing aid technology has improved over the years and continues to improve and we pride ourselves on keeping up with the latest technology. Your hearing aids will function as a sort of super ears for you and we will help you with the technology and help you adjust. Here are some tips to help you prepare for your hearing aid fitting.

Set Aside Enough Time

There will be a lot of information to digest and you don’t want to rush. You’ll learn the basics, putting it in and taking it out or putting it on – or having it inserted in your ear – depending on what model you get. We’ll talk about batteries and changing them if your devices have batteries or how and when you have to charge them if they don’t have batteries. It may take up to two hours, but we want to make sure they fit correctly and you know exactly what you are doing. We will likely schedule some follow-up time to make needed adjustments.

Bring a Friend

Having someone with you means you both can discuss things and process them better. Your friend can take notes and things just don’t seem overwhelming if someone is with you!

Have your Questions Ready

Gather your thoughts before the appointment and have your questions ready.

Take Notes

Your friend may be taking notes, but if writing things down helps you process information, by all means bring a pen and paper and jot down some notes.

What We Will Talk About

We will do an orientation session about your specific hearing aids and the features they have. We will talk about cleaning and maintenance advice to keep them functioning at their peak level. We will talk about your expectations ad what your hearing aids will be able to do with those expectations in mind. We will do a hearing test to figure out what the quietest sound o can hear and what degree of loudness you are comfortable with. There is special software that will match your hearing aids to your hearing preferences and we can set up different programs for listening situations you will encounter in your day to day life. The orientation and initial set-up will take up the bulk of the appointment.

Managing Expectations

While glasses may correct your vision to 20/20 its trickier correcting hearing and your hearing aids likely won’t correct back to your original hearing status. And, while some hearing aids immediately function at your optimal expectations, it is more likely you will need at least one adjustment to get them to where you want.

If this is your first time with hearing aids, you will get a suggested schedule with how long and under what circumstances you should wear them. Typically, just a few hours a day for a time and during different situations such as dinner with conversation going on and while watching television. If you have had hearing loss for several years, it will take some time for your brain to get used to processing sound it hasn’t heard for a while. Patience is the key to success.

Before You Leave…

We will schedule follow-up visits and have you call when you need assistance. We’ll talk about batteries or using your charger. We will talk about maintenance and programming, depending on the manufacturer of your hearing aids, there are online tutorials to help, information on the manufacturer’s website and a helpful voice at the end of the manufacturer’s helpline.

At Fidelity Hearing Center, we are committed to giving you the best professional service so you can have the best experience with your hearing aids in your everyday life.

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David DeKriek, Au.D. has been helping the hearing impaired of Los Angeles County to hear better for more than 20 years. Dr. Dekriek gained experience in a wide range of medical environments before opening Fidelity Hearing Center.

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