This New Year, Consider Rechargeable Hearing Aids

This New Year, Consider Rechargeable Hearing Aids

Rechargeable batteries are now available for everyday AA batteries, but have you considered using rechargeable batteries in your hearing aids?

Rechargeable hearing aids, now available from Fidelity Hearing Center, have several benefits, from saving money to saving the environment!

Cost-effective: How rechargeable batteries can save you money

New technology has allowed hearing aids to develop exponentially in recent years – but faster processing systems also translates to more energy being used throughout the day, and batteries tend to drain pretty quickly!

With rechargeable hearing aid batteries, you can recharge your batteries every night, rather than continually changing them for new ones. When your batteries last months rather than days, this will inevitably save you money and have a positive impact on your wallet overall.

Rechargeable batteries are environmentally friendly

Rechargeable batteries also help save the environment. Batteries are generally difficult to recycle and, often, people do not go the extra mile in ensuring that they are disposed of carefully.

Due to the manufacturing process of batteries, corrosive materials and heavy metals are commonly found in everyday batteries – and can be located in many hearing aid batteries as well. When batteries are not properly disposed of, the casing can disintegrate, causing these harmful materials to seep into the surrounding environment. This can lead to contamination of soil and water, and can have negative impacts upon animals and humans alike (

In fact, not only will you reduce your carbon footprint – as rechargeable batteries reduce manufacturing and transportation costs – but rechargeable batteries also consume 23 times less non-renewable natural resources than disposable batteries (!

Of course, rechargeable batteries need to be disposed of carefully as well but the need to do this will be much less than with the average hearing aid battery!

Phonak Belong Audéo B-R


At Fidelity Hearing Center, we provide a range of hearing devices that can suit your needs. Phonak’s newly launched Belong range includes an option to incorporate lithium-ion rechargeable battery technology into your hearing instrument selection.

Audéo B-R, part of Phonak’s new Belong platform, is the first-ever hearing device to provide 24 hours of hearing! This long-lasting hearing instrument represents a leader in its field and provides all the benefits of Phonak’s products, plus the cost and environmental benefits of rechargeable hearing aids.

In addition, the incredibly quick charging time – only 3 hours – makes this hearing device a great choice for a person with a busy and active lifestyle.

As this model is IP 68 rated, an added bonus is that this style is dust-proof and water-protected – perfect for someone who loves the outdoors!

The key benefits are featured in the video below…

Contact our practice to discuss your options with Dr. Dekriek in more detail. We provide comprehensive audiology services including hearing testing, hearing aid evaluations, hearing aid programming, maintenance and more.

Signia/Siemens Rechargeable Hearing Aids

Through the use of innovative technology, Signia/Siemens has created the eCharger: a sustainable device that enables rechargeable batteries to be used with a wide range of Siemens hearing instruments.

The eCharger is incredibly easy to use and has multiple functions. Not only does the eCharger automatically turn off your hearing aids and begin charging them while you sleep, it also acts as a dehumidifier – definitely an extra bonus!

Siemens’ Pure


Perhaps the greatest thing about the eCharger is its versatility. It can be used with, for example, Siemens’ Pure, which is a line of rechargeable receiver-in-canal hearing devices. These hearing aids provide a very discreet, almost invisible style of hearing instrument – and when combined with Siemens’ advanced hearing technology, it is definitely a great option.

Siemens’ Motion


Contrast Pure with Siemens’ Motion, which provide behind-the-ear hearing aids. These provide a fantastic choice for those with more severe hearing loss, and are low maintenance and easy to wear.

Through the use of Siemens’ rechargeable batteries, you’ll use on average just one pair of batteries per year, rather than 52 or more!

It is evident that there is a wide range of options to explore with Siemens, and audiologist, Dr. Dekriek of Fidelity Hearing Center will help you navigate the options to choose the right fit for you.

This New Year set yourself a new resolution: explore your hearing aid options, and consider using rechargeable hearing aids!

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