Oticon Intent

Oticon Intent offers a revolutionary experience with world-first user-intent sensors and advanced Sirius platform technology, providing unparalleled clarity and adaptability to users' listening intentions.


Oticon Intent

Oticon Intent Hearing Aids 

Oticon Intent introduces a revolutionary approach to hearing aid technology, offering users an experience that seamlessly adapts to their listening intentions. Powered by the advanced Sirius platform and featuring the world's first user-intent sensors, Oticon Intent is designed to provide unparalleled clarity and sound quality, effortlessly adjusting to the user’s environment and needs.

About Oticon Intent Aids

4D User-Intent Sensors

At the heart of Oticon Intent is its groundbreaking 4D user-intent sensor technology. These sensors capture the user’s listening intentions by analyzing conversation activity, head movement, body movement, and the acoustic environment. This innovative approach allows the hearing aids to adapt their support, prioritizing speech clarity or environmental sounds as needed.

Sirius Platform and Deep Neural Network 2.0

The Sirius platform powers these advanced capabilities, including the Deep Neural Network 2.0 (DNN 2.0). The DNN 2.0 is trained on a diverse set of real-world sound samples, enhancing the original sound's preservation, improving noise suppression, and increasing clarity. Sirius also supports Bluetooth LE Audio for future-proof connectivity.

Self-Calibrating MiniFit Detect Speaker Units

Oticon Intent features self-calibrating miniFit Detect speaker units, providing precise gain and a fuller sound scene. With a bandwidth from 80 Hz to 10,000 Hz and processing in 24 frequency channels, users enjoy a rich representation of their environment with personalized fine-tuning.

Models and Performance Levels

Oticon Intent comprises a range of models, including the smallest rechargeable miniRITE style ever. These models are designed to cater to different user preferences and needs, ensuring there's an Oticon Intent hearing aid for anyone looking to enhance their hearing experience.

Why patients choose Oticon Intent

- Groundbreaking 4D user-intent sensor technology

- Powered by the advanced Sirius platform

- Second-generation Deep Neural Network 2.0 for improved sound quality

- Self-calibrating miniFit Detect speaker units for precise gain

- Full-bandwidth sound scene from 80 Hz to 10,000 Hz

- 24 frequency channels for personalized fine-tuning

- Future-ready, wirelessly updateable hearing aids

- Bluetooth LE Audio for modern, efficient connectivity

- Range of models, including the smallest rechargeable miniRITE

Professional fittings of Oticon Intent in Cerritos

Contact Fidelity Hearing Center to schedule an appointment with our experienced Audiologist, Dr. David Dekriek. As a committed member of the HearingUp network, Dr. Dekriek ensures the best possible hearing aid experience through Best Practice Fittings and Real Ear Measurements. Don't miss the chance to redefine your hearing experience with Oticon Intent.

Call Fidelity Hearing Center in Cerritos, CA, and discover how Oticon Intent can transform your listening experience.

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