Oticon Hearing Aids in Cerritos, CA

At Fidelity Hearing Center, we are proud to offer our patients Oticon hearing aids. Oticon is a leading manufacturer of premium hearing aid technology with aids designed to allow you to naturally participate in a wide variety of sound environments. Oticon offers “BrainHearing” technology which is designed based on the way our brain naturally hears. This creates an incredibly comfortable experience, great for first time hearing aid wearers and seasoned wearers alike. To find out if Oticon hearing aids are right for you, simply contact our friendly practice to schedule a hearing test with Dr. DeKriek. He will thoroughly assess your hearing, learn about your lifestyle and challenges and make a recommendation for a solution.


Oticon Inium Sense Platform

The powerful Inium Sense platform builds on Oticon’s BrainHearing technology set by increasing processing power by over 30% over the previous generation. The result is a more natural sounding hearing aid system with less effort required to hear clearly. Inuim Sense adds features like Voice Aligned Compression (VAC+) to help increase audibility without the wearer having to adjust the volume. This latest platform also includes tinnitus therapy with ocean and broadband noise to help patients with ringing in the ears, as well as the Tinnitus SoundSupport module in the software to help Dr. DeKriek tailor the therapy signal to each individual patient.

Oticon Alta2

The Alta 2 hearing aid system represents the premium segment in Oticon’s technology lineup. With features like Soft Sound Booster and Speech Guard E, the Alta performance line can help in the most challenging listening environments.

Oticon Nera2

The Nera2 hearing devices from Oticon represent the mid-range product lineup on the new Inium Sense platform. With high-end features like Spatial Sound and Free Focus, the Nera hearing aids deliver high-end performance at a mid-range price.

Oticon Ria2

Ria2 hearing instruments are the most economical devices built on Oticon’s newest Inium platform. Like the premium Alta and mid-range Nera, they are conveniently available in RITE (RIC), BTE and custom (ITE) styles.

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