Starkey Hearing Aids in Cerritos, CA

At Fidelity Hearing Center, we are proud to offer our patients hearing aids from Starkey, a leading manufacturer of advanced hearing aid technology. Starkey is an American manufacturer based out of Eden Prarie, MN dedicated to offering user friendly aids without sacrificing on features. They offer a wide range of styles and different levels of technology to suit any lifestyle and budget. They are known for manufacturers high quality custom hearing aid models that are comfortable and technologically advanced. They even offer a “Made for iPhone” hearing aid called the Starkey Halo.


“Made for iPhone” Hearing Aids – Starkey Halo

Starkey Halo Hearing Aids in Cerritos

At Fidelity Hearing Center, we are excited to offer our patients theStarkey Halo, “Made for iPhone” hearing aid. This modern hearing aid connects you directly to your iPhone without the need for other electronics. Starkey provides a free app called Trulink, that is available for download in the App Store. Trulink serves as a convenient remote for your aids, with intuitive controls allowing simple and immediate adjustments to your aids. You can stream phone calls, music and even listen to ebooks right from your phone to your hearing aids! Furthermore, your Halo aids can even remember different listening environment you frequent and automatically adjust to your preferences.

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Starkey Z Series Hearing Aids

Starkey Z Series in Cerritos

Starkey’s latest advancement, the Z series line up of hearing aids offers patients a host of features for improved hearing in difficult situations. To begin, these aids are designed for people who live active and social lives and do not want to miss out on conversations simply because of a hearing loss. Starkey Z Series aids are equipped with a feature called Acuity Directionality™. Basically what this does is to help you understand speech cues by removing background noise from your listening experience. Soft sounds are amplified while loud sounds remain undistorted. You can expect whistle-free listening with their feedback cancelation system. Furthermore, Starkey Z Series aids are incredibly durable due to their nano-coating; which protects your devices from oil, wax and water.

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