8 Reasons to Treat Your Hearing Loss Early

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Hearing decline is hazardously sneaky. It creeps up on a person through the years so gradually you scarcely become aware of it , making it all too easy to deny it’s even there. And afterwards, when you finally acknowledge the symptoms, you shrug it off as bothersome and frustrating due to the fact that its true effects are hidden.   … Read More

Avoiding the Biggest Mistake in Treating Your Hearing Loss

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Do you remember the Q-Ray Bracelets? You know, the magnetic bracelets that vowed to offer you instantaneous and significant pain relief from arthritis and other chronic ailments? Well, you won’t see much of that marketing anymore; in 2008, the manufacturers of the Q-Ray Bracelets were legally required to give back customers a maximum of $87 million due to misleading and … Read More

Exploring a Career in the Hearing Care Profession

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While most of us keep up to date with our once-a-year physical, dental cleaning, and eye exam, we typically forget to give thought to the well-being of our hearing. And when our hearing does start to decline, it arises so slowly and gradually that we hardly notice and fail to do something about it. It’s this lack of interaction with … Read More