What sounds are you missing?

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missing sounds because of hearing loss

The sounds you may miss due to untreated hearing loss Imagine you are in the dark woods with very low visibility – and you hear the crack of twig. For our early ancestors, hearing was one of the major senses crucial to survival. According to audio neurologist Seth Horowitz, hearing is the fastest of our senses, with our brains registering … Read More

Hearing Loops in Southern California

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Hearing Loops in Southern California

Hearing Loops in Southern California   If you have struggled with hearing loss, then you might have experienced some difficulty when attending public events at large venues. Major advancements in recent years have updated hearing aids with features that parallel contemporary digital technology. Perhaps the most innovative technology is the loop system in public venues, which provide the ability for … Read More

Great Things to Do (and hear) In and Around Cerritos, CA

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things to do in cerritos

This summer, southern California is abuzz with outdoor concerts and festivals, boasting a diversity of genres and performers. Having served patients in and around Cerritos for the past decade, Fidelity Hearing Center is excited for the performances close to home. We hope this guide will inspire you to explore the sounds of summer, from gospel to musicals to the golden … Read More

Should you repair or replace your hearing aids?

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  Do you know of any other personal electronic device that can spend 12+ hours powered “on”, in a waxy and often humid environment, for years on end? Hearing aids have a great lifespan, about 5 years on average. In that time, it’s important to clean and maintain your hearing aids regularly to make sure your aids last as long … Read More

How To Talk To Your Parents About Hearing Loss

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how to talk to your parents about hearing loss

How To Talk To Your Parents About Hearing Loss The nurse takes your father’s blood pressure, it’s a little high but she says it’s “ok”. A few minutes later the doctor walks in and starts asking question you don’t know the answers to. Your dad leans in closer, you see him trying to read lips, you repeat the doctor’s questions … Read More

A Tiny Hearing Aid Can Make A Huge Difference

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benefits of hearing aids in cerritos california

The Benefits of Hearing Aids   For some, hearing loss can be devastating and for others it happens so slowly they don’t realize the effect it’s having on their lives. You might be somewhere in the middle. Your family will probably point out what a problem it is. Trust me, your friends and co-workers have noticed too! What about you? … Read More

Professional musicians at greater risk of developing hearing loss

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Fame, wealth, and screaming fans — these are a couple of the terms and phrases you’d pick in order to summarize the everyday life of a professional musician. however, what you probably wouldn’t take into consideration is “hearing loss” or “tinnitus,” the not-so-pleasant side-effects of all that glory, wealth, and screaming. The unfortunate paradox is, a musician’s hearing is what … Read More

8 Reasons to Treat Your Hearing Loss Early

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Hearing decline is hazardously sneaky. It creeps up on a person through the years so gradually you scarcely become aware of it , making it all too easy to deny it’s even there. And afterwards, when you finally acknowledge the symptoms, you shrug it off as bothersome and frustrating due to the fact that its true effects are hidden.   … Read More

Avoiding the Biggest Mistake in Treating Your Hearing Loss

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Do you remember the Q-Ray Bracelets? You know, the magnetic bracelets that vowed to offer you instantaneous and significant pain relief from arthritis and other chronic ailments? Well, you won’t see much of that marketing anymore; in 2008, the manufacturers of the Q-Ray Bracelets were legally required to give back customers a maximum of $87 million due to misleading and … Read More